Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Local Business Owners, This is Your Local Economic Stimulation Program!!! (Your Community Will Love You)


How's business? Well for many it's slow, especially on the local level. Many businesses are not getting the business because not enough people know about them! If you are a local business owner and your business gets foot traffic of 100,000 patrons a year (150+ visitors a day) or more we need to talk!

Why do we need to talk? For several reasons...but for starters, I have $1,000 for you. Now that I have your attention (yes there really is $1,000 for YOU keep reading!). In efforts to help TRULY STIMULATE THE LOCAL ECONOMY, InLineAdz is partnering with local businesses (Host Locations) with a high volume of foot traffic AND a strong relationship in the community. We have a very cost effective advertising program with a huge ROI, that will bring additional value to the Host Location. How? We place a 30" - 40" flat screen TV in your business, to display advertisements of local businesses. There is NO cost to the Host Location. We pay the host location $1,000 a year to host it. The host also receives a free advertisement on their Digital Screen. We also take care of the installation, the maintenance, and the upkeep, so it doesn't cost the Host Location a dime! Contact Ashley M. Neal your local Digital Sign Advertising Consultant. Email me I can forward you more information to get started. Well what are you waiting for?

If you know your business will not qualify as a Host Location, but you know of a great Host Location that you would not mind advertising at contact me so that we can get the Local Economic Stimulation Program started in your community. Remember this is a cost-effective way to stay in front of your customer (new and preexisting) . Great Branding Tool!

***Please note*** This is a selective process, we aren't partnering with just any ol' body! You MUST have a traffic business location and a strong relationship with the community.

Examples of Great Host Locations:



Casual Restaurant

Car Wash

Coffee Shop / Cafe

Juice Bar


Chinese Buffet

Bar & Grill

Drug Store/ Pharmacy

Hardware Store

Community Grocery Store

high volume doctors offices

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