Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Business Owners (and everyone else too!)

So you may be thinking, "What the heck is digital advertising? And why should I even care? Right now it is a recession and I'm looking to cut back on things like advertising because it's not in the budget for 2010..." Objections, objections, objections...(tisk, tisk). Let me enlighten (and relieve) you my friend (okay, okay we may not be friends yet but after I share this with you, we might be).
Digital advertising is one of the best and most cost effective ways to advertise on a local level. A flat screen TV is strategically placed at a host site. This site will generate traffic of 100,000 customers or more in a years time (i.e., deli, cafe, restaurant, etc). Once the flat screen is in place advertisers (i.e., fine business owners such as yourself) have the opportunity to stay in front of new and existing customers by advertising on that screen for 10 seconds, 4-6 times an hour. This cutting edge technology is a far more effective and accepted form of advertising. The best part about it~ this can all take place for less than an arm and a leg! Way less. The most valuable ad package with my company will cost $899 for a year (some of you guys spend that in a month or two to stay in front of your customers way less!). This package will even allow you to be the exclusive advertiser on the screen if you are the first in your industry to sign up. The average package is $499 and the basic package is $299 (there are a few other options also). Once again not a lot of money to stay in front of your customers constantly and consistently; essentially maximizing your ROI.
In a nutshell there's your "Local Economic Stimulation Program". Your business gets to participate in a community effort to target a smaller audience within a larger one. Email me with questions or for more info: (no matter what city you are in!)

11 Reasons to Advertise to your Local Market
  1. Build Business with local customers
  2. Let more local people know about your service or brand
  3. Remind your current customers to use your service
  4. To get more word of mouth exposure or referrals
  5. To have passive 3rd party endorsement
  6. To be apart of your local community advertising
  7. To engage in cost effective advertising with a high ROI
  8. To use a modern and more effective form of advertising
  9. To increase sales and profits
  10. To take a proactive approach to economic recovery
  11. Did you read the first 10 reasons?!?!
So there you have it...Every reason in the world to contact me! Email me with all you questions so that we can get started doing business!

So there, Merry Christmas business owners~ perhaps this present will bring you and abundance of new business (the best present of all, right?).

This blog will be a place to come and learn about local market digital sign advertising. This will also be a place for business owners that use this form of advertising to network amongst each other. Finally this will be a place for business owners to shine and stand out! I will be featuring business owners (at no charge) more exposure (with a bio and pictures of the business and the owner) for your business.

I enjoy networking and meeting new business people as well as building relationships with existing clients. I want to see you and your community succeed that is why I am a part of this amazing and essentially ground floor opportunity. Opportunity usually only knocks once (in case you didn't get the memo~she knocked!) Don't be the one to miss out ! 2010 is the decade of success are you prepared?