Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Camden Pub, Restaurant, & Catering has partnered with InLineAdz to stimulate the local economy in Baltimore, MD

Congratulation's to Camden Pub, Restaurant, and Catering for being the first in Baltimore, MD to partner with InLineAdz in great efforts to stimulate the local economy. Camden Pub 'one of Baltimore's best kept secrets' has been owned by the Liberto family since 1990. They have great pub style food and are very friendly, that is probably why they receive over 100,000 visitors annually.

Camden Pub is conveniently located on West Pratt Street at the heart of downtown, just two blocks west of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, four blocks west of Ravens Stadium and one block south of the University of Maryland.

If you are an business owner/ advertiser interested in advertising at Camden Pub, Restaurant, and Catering contact me via email or call me today 443-467-8350. Remember this is an opportunity to stay in front of your customer and increase sales and your brand. Camden Pub is a very high traffic location.

Camden Pub, Restaurant, and Catering
647 W. Pratt Street
Baltimore, MD 21201

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Local Business Owners, This is Your Local Economic Stimulation Program!!! (Your Community Will Love You)


How's business? Well for many it's slow, especially on the local level. Many businesses are not getting the business because not enough people know about them! If you are a local business owner and your business gets foot traffic of 100,000 patrons a year (150+ visitors a day) or more we need to talk!

Why do we need to talk? For several reasons...but for starters, I have $1,000 for you. Now that I have your attention (yes there really is $1,000 for YOU keep reading!). In efforts to help TRULY STIMULATE THE LOCAL ECONOMY, InLineAdz is partnering with local businesses (Host Locations) with a high volume of foot traffic AND a strong relationship in the community. We have a very cost effective advertising program with a huge ROI, that will bring additional value to the Host Location. How? We place a 30" - 40" flat screen TV in your business, to display advertisements of local businesses. There is NO cost to the Host Location. We pay the host location $1,000 a year to host it. The host also receives a free advertisement on their Digital Screen. We also take care of the installation, the maintenance, and the upkeep, so it doesn't cost the Host Location a dime! Contact Ashley M. Neal your local Digital Sign Advertising Consultant. Email me I can forward you more information to get started. Well what are you waiting for?

If you know your business will not qualify as a Host Location, but you know of a great Host Location that you would not mind advertising at contact me so that we can get the Local Economic Stimulation Program started in your community. Remember this is a cost-effective way to stay in front of your customer (new and preexisting) . Great Branding Tool!

***Please note*** This is a selective process, we aren't partnering with just any ol' body! You MUST have a traffic business location and a strong relationship with the community.

Examples of Great Host Locations:



Casual Restaurant

Car Wash

Coffee Shop / Cafe

Juice Bar


Chinese Buffet

Bar & Grill

Drug Store/ Pharmacy

Hardware Store

Community Grocery Store

high volume doctors offices

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years'!!! 2010 The Decade for and of SUCCESS!!!

Happy New Years'! Yesterday was officially my last day as a full-time paralegal at a very prominent law firm. I will miss the clients we helped and my co-workers very much, but it's onto a new life! I found this wonderful opportunity to assist local business owners reach their customers/clientèle more effectively in this financially unstable economy. My fiancé and I have decided to take this opportunity on full-time because we love to help others all while becoming financially free. This is a wonderful opportunity that I am extending to all those who are looking for a new opportunity and a new way to start 2010 out right, it does not matter what state you are in this works everywhere! Become the Digital Signage Advertising Expert in your area.
So for those of you still reading and ready to become extremely successful continue reading the recruitment announcement below and feel free to email me with questions

Earning Potential $100k+
Are you done with Corporate America…? Do you want to earn what you are really worth? Want to be in control of your income immediately? Do you want to be “in front” of the next huge trend, maybe for the first time…? Do you know how to sell?

InLineAdz, the National leader in local market digital sign advertising, is in search of entrepreneurial minded business executives who are willing to “dig in” and build a book of business for a year and enjoy a 6 figure residual income for life…

We have created a unique “Local Economic Stimulation Program” to assist local businesses to grow and profit in 2010 and beyond. This program is designed for local businesses to attract new customers with a low cost of entry and a VERY HIGH ROI advertising program.

What we do is simple…we place large flat screen TV monitors (aka: digital signage) in high traffic local businesses, to display advertising of local businesses and services on them with our proprietary software and programming. Ads rotate and are seen a minimum of 4 times an hour…on many screens ads are seen 6-8 times based on the number of ads sold in that market. Did you realize that a local deli, pizza restaurant, coffee house or diner can server over 100,000 people a year…their customers are all local “targeted” consumers and businesses are looking to get their name in front of them, as often as possible!

Our Regional Sales Manager will be responsible for identifying, contracting and establishing a relationship with high traffic “host” locations (in their local area), who gets paid $1000 a year for hosting a digital sign. RSMs would then be responsible for the sales process of sell the advertising to the local businesses in that marketing area. Any business looking to grow will be interested in this initiative. The cost effective and highly effective ads range from a basic ad at $300 to an industry exclusive listing for the entire year for only $900 (average ad is $500 or $10 a week). The sales process is done through direct mail, email, phone, in-person direct sales, relationship marketing, chamber of commerce memberships and more – in some cases it can be outsourced. Once the screens are installed, business owners contact us to take an ad…it doesn’t get any simpler than that…

Once the ads are sold…WE DO ALL THE REST… we pay for the equipment, the installation, design the ads, pay the host fees, maintain the equipment, monitor the programming and more…

We also provide the advertiser with a website “platform” page to make additional offers to the viewers such as; coupons, discounts and more information about their business, with hyperlinks back to the advertisers personal website… making the listing an even greater value.

InLineAdz offers a unique compensation programs to create wealth for those who build a book of business with us. We fully expect our Regional Sales Managers to earn over $100,000 in year one…and over $150,000 in subsequent years. Commissions graduates rapidly up to 40% of the gross sales, plus bonuses for targeted achievement on each screen. Commissions are residual, and are the same year after year on renewed accounts. All information is accessible via our website.

Are you a leader / Sales Manager / team builder? When you build a sales team, we offer you an annuity/residual commission based on the sales from anyone who joins the company as a result of your introduction…these people can live anywhere in North America (no territories or boundaries). This in itself can be a 6 figure income. We believe that if you know other people, who might benefit from working with us… you should benefit from that introduction as well. We are not a MLM (multi-level marketing) company, there is no investment required to join the InLineAdz sales team…although some sales background is helpful, its not required…anyone willing to follow a simple system can succeed with us.

Our product is “main stream for Main Street” and it will bring “economic stimulus” to the local community. All we ask from our sales team is professionalism, a commitment to succeed, hard work in the beginning and to enjoy the fruits of your efforts in the future.

Training is all online…this is a very simple program…it takes work…but anyone looking for Income and Time Freedom…will appreciate the rewards from their efforts…

More information is available online at www.InLineAdz.com – note the opportunity tab to submit your information for enrollment – when prompted please use Referral Name: Ashley Neal ... you may also email resumes and or questions with the subject line: "I'M READY 2 GET STARTED!"

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Business Owners (and everyone else too!)

So you may be thinking, "What the heck is digital advertising? And why should I even care? Right now it is a recession and I'm looking to cut back on things like advertising because it's not in the budget for 2010..." Objections, objections, objections...(tisk, tisk). Let me enlighten (and relieve) you my friend (okay, okay we may not be friends yet but after I share this with you, we might be).
Digital advertising is one of the best and most cost effective ways to advertise on a local level. A flat screen TV is strategically placed at a host site. This site will generate traffic of 100,000 customers or more in a years time (i.e., deli, cafe, restaurant, etc). Once the flat screen is in place advertisers (i.e., fine business owners such as yourself) have the opportunity to stay in front of new and existing customers by advertising on that screen for 10 seconds, 4-6 times an hour. This cutting edge technology is a far more effective and accepted form of advertising. The best part about it~ this can all take place for less than an arm and a leg! Way less. The most valuable ad package with my company will cost $899 for a year (some of you guys spend that in a month or two to stay in front of your customers way less!). This package will even allow you to be the exclusive advertiser on the screen if you are the first in your industry to sign up. The average package is $499 and the basic package is $299 (there are a few other options also). Once again not a lot of money to stay in front of your customers constantly and consistently; essentially maximizing your ROI.
In a nutshell there's your "Local Economic Stimulation Program". Your business gets to participate in a community effort to target a smaller audience within a larger one. Email me with questions or for more info: ashley.neal@inlineadz.com (no matter what city you are in!)

11 Reasons to Advertise to your Local Market
  1. Build Business with local customers
  2. Let more local people know about your service or brand
  3. Remind your current customers to use your service
  4. To get more word of mouth exposure or referrals
  5. To have passive 3rd party endorsement
  6. To be apart of your local community advertising
  7. To engage in cost effective advertising with a high ROI
  8. To use a modern and more effective form of advertising
  9. To increase sales and profits
  10. To take a proactive approach to economic recovery
  11. Did you read the first 10 reasons?!?!
So there you have it...Every reason in the world to contact me! Email me ashley.neal@inlineadz.com with all you questions so that we can get started doing business!

So there, Merry Christmas business owners~ perhaps this present will bring you and abundance of new business (the best present of all, right?).

This blog will be a place to come and learn about local market digital sign advertising. This will also be a place for business owners that use this form of advertising to network amongst each other. Finally this will be a place for business owners to shine and stand out! I will be featuring business owners (at no charge) more exposure (with a bio and pictures of the business and the owner) for your business.

I enjoy networking and meeting new business people as well as building relationships with existing clients. I want to see you and your community succeed that is why I am a part of this amazing and essentially ground floor opportunity. Opportunity usually only knocks once (in case you didn't get the memo~she knocked!) Don't be the one to miss out ! 2010 is the decade of success are you prepared?